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The 31 Day From PCOS To Pregnancy Action Plan

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If you are one of the many women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who struggle with infertility, miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage, if you've tried almost everything to conceive a child unsuccessfully, if you are tired of not knowing which steps have been scientifically PROVEN to boost your fertility, you are not alone.

  PCOS Is The LEADING cause of anovulatory infertility


  There is an increased risk of miscarriage. 30 - 50% of women with PCOS experience 1st trimester miscarriages


  Ninety to 95% of women who attend infertility clinics because of anovulation suffer from PCOS


  High levels of Luteinising Hormone (as commonly seen in women with PCOS) may be a main reason for poor treatment outcomes, low pregnancy rates and miscarriage in assisted reproductive techniques like ART and IVF

  PCOS increases the risk of gestational Diabetes


  Gestational Diabetes can lead to bigger babies. This increases the risk of trauma to the child during birth and the chances of a Caesarian section

I know how to help you because I've assisted women with PCOS to go from infertility to motherhood!

Women who've been where you are! Women who've struggled with PCOS and infertility, even for years!

Women like Tennille and Rhiannon... 

"My partner and I have been trying to fall pregnant for the past 3.5 years with no luck. I decided to follow your tips and advice. I have had a much better understanding of PCOS and why I had all these horrible symptoms.

I've lost 10kgs. My acne cleared up, and my facial hair is not as bad. But what I really wanted to thank you for is today, 3 weeks from our wedding, I found out I am pregnant.

Never thought it would happen especially naturally, we had planned to get fertility treatment as soon as we got back from honeymoon.

So thank you again, you have help another PCOS sufferer achieve a miracle.“

                                                    Tennille Brownsey
                                                    QLD, Australia. 

"I am happy to say the pregnancy went well and little baby Joshua James Graham was born on the 30th September at 8:12pm 8 pounds 10 and 56cm long.

After years of struggling with the symptoms of PCOS and a complete lack of interest from your average doctor, we are so excited that Joshy has arrived safe and healthy.


Baby Joshua

And you can discover the answers now too...

That's why I've put together 'The 31 Day From PCOS To Pregnancy Action Plan'.  To show you how you too can significantly boost your chances of not only conceiving your baby, but experiencing a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth. 


You'll discover simple strategies, unlikely but scientifically proven tips, and easy-to-implement recipes and steps.

I've included everything you need to succeed:

Inclusion #1

Value - $97

31 Day PCOS To Pregnancy Plan - Emails From Dr. Rebecca Harwin

Daily baby creating tips, tricks and proven strategies. These emails contain information demonstrated to naturally and effectively boost your fertility and reduce your risk of pregnancy risks and complications. You may even find the missing piece to the puzzle that makes the big difference to your success!

Inclusion #2

Value - $37

The PCOS Diary - From Struggle To Success

A simple step-by-step guide to easily track your most fertile times to discover when the best time is to have baby-making sex.

This PCOS Diary also helps you to successfully incorporate your fertility boosting food intake, activity levels, weight loss, and to implement proven strategies designed to significantly reduce - even completely eliminate - your PCOS signs & symptoms permanently.

Inclusion #3

Value - $97

Interviews & Audios To Naturally Boost Your Fertility

Listen as health experts reveal secrets that naturally address your PCOS, improve your resilience and boost your fertility!

Also included are meditation audios to reduce your stress and improve your relaxation reponse (important for not just conception, but a healthy pregnancy and motherhood). 

Click here to discover the experts & contents of this audio!

Inclusion #4

Value - $17

Resistant Hormone Commonly Responsible For Female Infertility

Discover the simple, scientifically proven strategies designed to tackle this wayward hormone to significantly boost your fertility, naturally

This hormonal imbalance is a MAJOR cause of infertility in women with PCOS! In fact, correcting this one issue can absolutely result in a much wanted pregnancy.

In this report, you'll discover simple, easy-to-implement strategies that may turn around your infertile struggles to baby bliss.

Inclusion #5

Value - $17

Common Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Fertility Super Secret Revealed

How to find and fix this commonly overlooked or incorrectly (un)diagnosed fertility killer to significantly and naturally boost your chances of a healthy, happy, successful conception, pregnancy & birth

Discover not only this significant cause of infertility in women with PCOS, but the easy, natural ways to reverse this common condition effectively, safely and naturally.

Inclusion #6

Value - $17

Understanding Menstrual And Basal Temperature Charting

Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome often have different cycles than those without. In this report, you'll discover how to read your menstrual cycle charts to pinpoint ovulation (to either conceive or to aid contraception), to assess your thyroid health and to uncover period problems.

PLUS... I want you to have everything you need to succeed!

So I'm including these free gifts as well! 

Inclusion #7

Value - $37

Conquer Your PCOS - 50+ Delicious & Healthy Recipes For Optimal Living

What you eat & what you don't are critical if you are to successfully boost your fertility with PCOS. In fact, it is literally 'make or break'!

You'll receive this great recipe book to take the stress out of what (even when) to eat. 

Inclusion #8

Value - $27

Your Healthy Nutrient Foods List

Discover which foods are great for PCOS. The special list reveals which foods are high in Omega 3 fats, zinc, iodine, folate, iron, all critical for successful PCOS conception and a healthy pregnancy!

Inclusion #9

Value - $27

Crush Male Infertility

As they say, it takes two to tango! If you are in a heterosexual relationship, there is much your partner can do to naturally boost his fertility too!

In this special report, he'll receive tips and strategies to improve the chances of a healthy conception and reduce the risks of miscarriage.  

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From PCOS to pregnancy, with love, 

Dr. Rebecca Harwin
'The PCOS Expert'
Bestselling PCOS Author, Chiropractor

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